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Larry Townsend’s signature “Leather Notebook” advice column appeared in Drummer for twelve years from 1980 to 1992. When he exited Drummer, he re-titled his column “Ask Larry” and sold it to Honcho where it was published for thirteen years until canceled, June 26, 2008, thirty-three days before his death, in a sensitive email from Honcho editor Gordon Wallace:

Hi, Larry—hope you are doing well. To my dismay, I have had drastic budget cuts imposed on my titles. Consequently, I will be unable to continue with your column. (I know reimbursement for the column is low, but even that amount cannot be accommodated given the new budget.) The last paid column will need to be for the Honcho January ’09 issue which is due July 5. [Hailing Larry’s iconic status, Gordon finished kindly.] I do recognize that your column brings something special to the magazine, and that it is something of an “institution” in the magazine. I really do appreciate your contribution, and I am sorry to break this news.

After Larry’s family asked me to send Honcho my first short obituary, it was published as a valedictory salute in February 2009, and Honcho itself died a few months later.

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Copyright Jack Fritscher, Ph.D. & Mark Hemry - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED