Special Forces:
Gay Military Erotica

edited by Phillip Mackenzie, Jr.

"Wild Blue Yonder"
"Good-Bye Saigon"

Two short stories by
Jack Fritscher

Special Forces: Gay Military Erotica

Edited by Phillip Mackenzie, Jr.

Special Forces: Gay Military Erotica

Cleis Press Inc.,
ISBN 978-1-57344-372-2

Wild by Yonder - Jack Fritscher
Friendly Fire - Marquesate
Between Shots Fired - Jay Starre
6-21-3-11—2-21-4-4-25 - Lew Bull
The DC Blues - Jamie Freeman
To the Victors Go the Spoiled - T. Hitman
Oasis - Jay Starre
Lili Marleen - E. Robertson
In a Flash - Rob Rosen
Sarvis - Jeff Mann
Rohan - Annabella Usher
Stockholm Syndrome - Simon Sheppard
Good-Bye Saigon - Jack Fritscher
The Foxhole - Dakota Rebel
Field of Battle - Richard Michaels

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