edited by Richard Labonte

"Father and Son Tag Team (That Summer! That Camp! That Cousin!)"

A Short Story by
Jack Fritscher

Hot Daddies

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction: Richard Labonté
  • In His Time: Jamie Freeman
  • Father and Son Tag Team (That Summer! That Camp! That Cousin!): Jack Fritscher
  • The Lesson: Kyle Lukoff
  • Pop Tingle: David Holly
  • Markey: Mark Wildyr
  • Daddies in Damian: Gavin Atlas
  • Settling In: Letter to Jack: Dominic Santi
  • Never Say Never Again: David Chase
  • Imagination Morphs into Reality: Doug Harrison
  • Men of the Open Road: Landon Dixon
  • Professor Papi: Randy Turk
  • Its My Job: Xan West

Edited by Richard Labonte
Cleis Press 2011

Copyright 2019 by Jack Fritscher, Ph.D. & Mark Hemry - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED