A Primer of Critical Thinking, Censorship,
Social Justice, and Fake News in
American Popular Culture

by John J. Fritscher, Ph.D.
(Jack Fritscher)

Palm Drive Publishing - 2020
Claretian Press -1971

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1. Reflection in a Golden Eye
You are your one and only original critic. Some principles for the 4th Genre, Censorship, TV Politics, and the Revolution of Yourself.

2. Afternoon at the Soap Opera
The not-so-secret storm: it's my party and I'll cry if I want to.

3. TV's Queasy Kid Stuff
Try on a parent's point of view and see if you can make it through the Saturday AM teleworld.

4. Americanned Creativity
Advertising brainwashes our facts and our attitudes toward facts. How the medium gets into you and how you get into the medium.

5. Old Stereotypes, New Myths
Tribal Archetypes: Oh give me a West where the myth is the best where the Good Guys kill Bad Guys all day. Rethinking TV as electronic hearth and electronic sculpture.

6. Reflections

Published by Palm Drive Publishing, 2020
Sebastopol CA

Published by the Claretian Fathers
Claretian Press, Chicago, February 1971
221 West Madison Street, Chicago IL 60606
Editors: Mark J. Brummel, C.M.F.,
R.J. Liszkowski, Tom Hogan.
Art Director: Ron Bean

Copyright 2019 by Jack Fritscher, Ph.D. & Mark Hemry - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED