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Man2Man Connections...

by Jack Fritscher

The feature was written in Month, 19xx,
and published in Man2Man Quarterly xxx, Month 19xx

Man2Man Connections...

by Jack Fritscher

            No man is alone. No matter how private or personal or secret or severe his magnificent obsessions, a man deserves to enjoy his own satisfactions by celebrating them man-to-man with other homosensualists.

            The litany of play and pleasure is an endless list of gestures, moments, and things snapped manfully together. The layers of this sense-ible inventory are as meaningful as the men who take their time to savor the signals that come from deep inside a man’s expressive masculine presentation of self.

            “How much pleasure do you want?”

            That’s a question of daring, a question of focussed sybaritic answer.

            “As much as I can stand.”

            For openers, this partial list of kicks and kinks plays to a man in full possession, and fuller expression, of all his senses.

            Tits, pits, fists, ass, feet, boots, filth, sweat, leather, Dial, rubber, outlaws, fur, metal harnesses, bondage, restraint, discipline, sadism, masochism, sensuality, mutuality, fingers, grease, bikes, cons, excons, trash, street hustlers, freshly showered athletes, jocks, jockstraps, socks, levis, clean cotton, dirty cotton, jerkoff, spitting, man2man worship, bodybuilding, wrestling boxing, padding out, loincloths chamois, headbands, rebreathing, belching, moustaches, dirty blonds, Brylcreme, Valvoline, Pennzoil, cops, gobs, firemen, mad doctors, catheters, tender loving, intensive care, gym shoes, cleats cigars, Marlboros, chests golashes, rubbers, tweeds, pipes, pecs, hair, DA haircuts, shaving, cocksucking, fucking, nylon sleeping bags, wool, wet wool, longjohns, raingear, inner tubes, tires, licking, soap, cubbyholes, enemas, douches, bareback riding, exhibitionism, intensity, faces, snotlockers, five-o’clock shadow, cowboys, linemen, cabins, babytrips, daddy-fix trips, occultism, flogging, inter-race trips, saliva, spit, hawkers, sniffing, rimming, voyeurism, movies, slides, video, Polaroids, foodtrips, forcefeeding, outerspace, monsterdrag, Mustangs, bicycles, wrestling masks, dirtbiking, mud, hiking, rafting, wafting, religious ritual, blasphemy, tea rooms, tea for two, swearing, military procedures, paramedics, paranoids, barbed wire, wood, wet wood, rain, nails, crucifixion, baths, electricity, field telephone titwork, water, hanging, watersports, scatology, Scat Soap, horseplay, wrists, heavy wrist watches, hairy wrist watching, swimtrunks, Speedos, piercing, Mohawks, tattooing, ritual torture, pain, rosaries, partners, chains, lassoes, outdoor wargames, beebee guns, black eyes, bushwacking, gas-line j/o, cruising straight boulevards on straight cruise night, condoms, tweezers, Greyhound bus sex, ponchos, toiletseat covers, dingleberries, pigs, flipping the bird, giving the finger, Hell’s Angels, Harley Davidsons, Arabs, plainclothes polyester private eyes, sports, cock worship, mason Jars of dirty bath water, wingtips, Ivy League suits and Oxford cloth shirts with the tits cut out, hip boots, scuba gear, Saranwrap, snakebite cups, X-acto knives, swords, penknives, canvas, helmets, warriors, mercenaries, downed American flyboys, sumo, Yakuza, fundoshi, chubbies, water beds, hard lean dancers, deafmutes, dentists, rollerballing, pantsing parties, kidnap fantasies, handcuffs, hoists, sweaty stakeout in open field, bike buddy, beach bum, sand, sandpaper, alleys, dumpsters, dumpers, subways, toilets, dumps, trucks, recruits, toilet paper, brigs, trapezes, cactus, Brazilian interrogation techniques, CIA investigation, butch flirting, gentlemen’s clubs with overstuffed leather chairs, livery, limos, referee shirts, shitkickers, men who say “Yo,” Desenex, Jockey shorts stolen from straight guys’ clothes hampers while they help their wives fix supper downstairs, catcher’s masks, goalie masks, skates, pucks, puckers, plastic cup supporters, old copies of Boy’s Life, flannel pennants, letter sweaters, cuspidors, snuff, chaw tobacco, humidors, sputum, smegma, cheese, goobers, fatigues, streaking, freaking, leaking, grease racks, Goodyear tire storage rooms, gauze, Ace bandages, bandaids, wens, nail clipping, foot massage, choir robes, vestments, altar boys, crumbs, fleabag hotels, young bums, Ipana, foil, humanoids, public J/o while passing for straight, canoeing, volcanoes, Coppertone, shoulder pads, velcro, 501s, trains, upper berths, compartments, mile-high clubfucks, footlockers, blood, straight-edge razors, 747s, burials, canvas hammocks, hightop basketball shoes, terrycloth, professional wrestling, rechewed gum, ashtrays, firemen, the whole nine yards, handrolled tailormades, metal tools, chain mail knights, piss, Big Ben coveralls, bib overalls, Dickies slacks, streetfighting, long socks, elastic black garters, boxer shorts, boxing gear, wrestling singlets, poplin windbreakers, breaking wind, farting, lighting farts, sailors, seafood, airport USO Johns, marines, glory holes, docks, use, abuse, whining, whipping, spanking, pissing on trees, Lex Barker, boarding school sports, tiger pits, shades, bifocals, ritual smashing of bifocals, goggles, Eton suits, snowsuits, scuba, needles, guys who suck their teeth, toothpicks, tents, parachutes, paratroopers, harnesses, erotic art, slings surprises disguises, pirates, fingerfucking, steam, backseats, backrows, strangers in the night, parks, heaths, moors, caskets, dildoes, bimbos, fingercombing hair, flashing, sticking out tongues, exchanging spit, big dogs humping levis, potnpoppers, cursing, talking dirty, writing nasty, reading in the raw, Mexicans, deerhunters, Jars of pubic hair, baggies stuffed with shaved-off beards, prosthetic devices, sutures, Vietnam vets, beerbellies, WWI vets, ankles, initiations, branding, bruises, welders, Vans, grillework, greasy spoons, cop taverns, bowling alley bars, high school laundry, blue collars, ring around the collar, Bold 3, Tide, Lava, wet hair, iguanas, snakes, armor, switches, britches, recreational barfing, moonshine, mooning, farmers, driving naked, CB radio, reststops, guns, rodeos, Mondo movies, gunbelts, rye, hats, caps, romance, lovemaking, forearms, firearms, big arms, muscle contest trophies, 69, sucking, fucking, indoors, outdoors, matches, doing what you do when you do it like you do, getting the picture, etc.*


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