Drummer Magazine
Issue 204: June 1997
Cover, Masthead, and Contents

Cover Drummer 204 Contents Drummer 204
  • Desmodus Inc./International
  • Publisher: Martijn Bakker
  • Operations Manager: Robert Davolt
  • Editorial Director: Wickie Stamps
  • Art Coordinator: San Sanchez & Jamey Price

Writing by Jack Fritscher in Drummer Issue 204

Masthead: Jack Fritscher, Writer; Palm Drive Video, Photography
1 Piece of Writing (Short Story) by Fritscher dba “www.JackFritscher.com”
19 Photographs (Interior Editorial) from a Video by Fritscher dba “Palm Drive Video”
1 Photograph (Interior Editorial) by Fritscher dba “www.Jack Fritscher.com”

  • 19 Photographs (Interior Editorial): “Gym Jock from Palm Drive Video,” pp. 22-25, 19, pictorial essay of color frames chosen and printed as painterly art by Drummer art director from Fritscher’s video, Dave Gold’s Gym Workout

  • “Hustler Bars: Tricks of the Trade,” pp. 36-37, short story, by Fritscher dba “www.JackFritscher.com”
    with photograph by Fritscher

  • 1 Photograph (Interior Editorial): “Mike Welder, p. 36, by Fritscher dba “www.JackFritscher.com”

Editor’s Note: Palm Drive Video display ad and classified ad, despite trade agreement, not honored by editor Wickie Stamps, and so not inserted.

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