Drummer Magazine
Issue 123: September 1988
Cover, Masthead, and Contents

Drummer Issue 123: Cover
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  • Desmodus Inc.
  • Publisher: Andrew V. DeBlase
  • Editor: Fledermaus (Andrew V. DeBlase)
  • Assistant Editor: Ken Lackey
  • Art Director: Jameo Saunders

Writing by Jack Fritscher in Drummer Issue 123

Masthead: Jack Fritscher, Writer, Frequent Contributors; Palm Drive Video, Photography, Frequent Contributors
1 Piece of Writing (Lead Feature Article) by Fritscher
22 Photographs (Interior Editorial, including Inside Front Cover) by Fritscher dba “Palm Drive Video”
7 Photographs (Interior Advertising) by Fritscher dba “Palm Drive Video”
1 Piece of Writing (Advertising) by Fritscher dba “Palm Drive Video”
1 Editorial Mention

  • 1 Photograph (Inside Front Cover): “Solo Sex: Cheesiest Uncut Cowboy in West Texas,” p. 2, by Fritscher dba “Palm Drive Video”

  • Editorial Mention: “Leather Pride Weekend,” p. 7, Fritscher as a judge of the 1988 Mr. Drummer Contest

  • Solo Sex, A Man’s Guide,” pp. 34-41, cover feature article; plus mention of Fritscher as a judge for the Mr. Drummer contest, p. 7

  • 20 Photographs (Interior Editorial), “Solo Sex”: 8 photographs, pp. 34 and 35; 1 photograph, top p. 36; 4 photographs, pp. 38-39; 6 photographs, p. 40; 1 photograph, bottom, p. 41, by Fritscher dba “Palm Drive Video”

  • 7 Photographs (Interior Advertising), “Palm Drive Models Sonny Butts, Dave Gold, Jason Steele, Bruno, Keith Ardent, Mike Welder, Redneck Cowboy,” p. 54, by Fritscher dba “Palm Drive Video,” display ad, half-page

  • “New S&M Fetish Videos,” p. 81, classified ad copy by Fritscher for Palm Drive Video

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