Drummer Magazine
Issue 10: December 1976
Cover, Masthead, and Contents

Drummer Issue 10: Cover Drummer Issue 10: Contents
  • Publisher: John H. Embry
  • Editor-in-Chief: Jeanne C. Barney
  • Art Director: Clayton Holwell
  • Advertising: Don Beavers
  • Reviewers: Sidney Charles, Ed Franklin, Jim Kepner, Russ Malloy, Christopher Nobel, John W. Rowberry
  • Contributors: Lee Albert, Phil Andros, Toby Bailey, Mal Bernstein, Rue Dyllon, Allen Eagles, Frank Edwards, Paul Edwards, Fred Halsted, Aristide Laurent, G. Calvin Magister, Scott Masters, Robert Opel, John W. Rowberry
  • Photography: Mal Bernstein, Rob Clayton, Colt, Roy Dean, Bill Irwin, J&R, Robert Opel, Pat Rocco, Dave Sands, Target
  • Art: Chuck Arnett, Bishop, Bud, Ken, Sean, Shawn, Bill Ward

Front Cover: by Rex

Back Cover: (advertisement)

“Male Call”
“Water King” by Orlando Paris
“Movie Mayhem” by Allen Eagles
“Cross Words”
“Drumbeats” by Toby Bailey and Bernie Prock
“The Great S/M Murder Mystery: Till Death Do Us Part” by John W. Rowberry and Rue Dyllon
“Gift List”
“Five In the Trainer’s Room” by Scott Masters
“The Leather Fraternity”
“The Etienne Portfolio”
“King” by Bill Ward
“Going Down”
“Astrologic” by Bishop
“A Visit from Slave Nick” by Ed Franklin
“Famous Sadists in History”
“Drummer Goes to the Trading Post Party”
“Book Report”
“Drummer Views the Flicks”
“The Ramrod”
“The Leather Bar Scene”
“In Passing”

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