Powerful Stories of
Celtic Eros

Introduced and Edited by
Mark Hemry

Published by: 1999

"Chasing Danny Boy" and
"The Story Knife"
Two Short Stories by Jack Fritscher
"Last Rites" by Neil Jordan,
Oscar Winner, The Crying Game

CHASING DANNY BOY Powerful Stories of Celtic Eros:
Included in this anthology:

Green Bullett The Hidden Literature of Irish Culture by Mark Hemry

Green Bullett Jack Fritscher

"Chasing Danny Boy"
"The Story Knife"

Green Bullett Neil Jordan

"Last Rites"

Green Bullett P-P Hartnett

"Dublin Sunday"
"EMail: Remember When We Weren't Queens?"

Green Bullett Michael Wynne

"Puppydogs' Tails"
"Quare Man, M'Da"
"Mam and Me: On the Lake"
"The Lake of Being Human: Dead Sea Fruit"

Green Bullett Lawrence Cloake

"Fiachra's Cath"
"The Checkpoint"
"Bike Boy: Transporting"

Green Bullett Bob Condron

"Lost and Found"
"Visions of Sean"

Green Bullett Peter Paul Sweeney


Copyright 2007 by Jack Fritscher, Ph.D. & Mark Hemry - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED